Step 4: Your Action Plan

Congratulations! You've made your decision.

Choosing your major is just the first step. It is now time to start to think about how you will reach your goals and make the most of your time at Rutgers.  

At Rutgers-Camden you will find the resources and opportunities available to help you graduate as a well-rounded student with the skills and experiences that employers and graduate schools require. But, these opportunities will not knock at your door you must seek them out. The information we have provided in this step will help you start making the most of your Rutgers education.  

4.1: 10 Steps to Success At Rutgers

• Declare your major at the Registrar’s Office
• Join Student Clubs / Professional Associations
• Get to know your department faculty
• Write your resume
• Do an internship / study abroad
• Register with RaptorLink
• Visit the Career Center regularly
• Become a student leader
• Aim for a GOOD GPA (3.0 or higher)
• Have FUN!

4.2 Four Year Action Plan

FIRST YEAR: Inquiry & Awareness
• Get good grades, employers prefer to hire students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher
• Visit Career Center each semester & pick up a program schedule
• See a career counselor to discuss “What you can do with a major in.....”
• Take an interest inventory online by using Rutgers Online Career Assessment
• Get involved! Join a sport, club or campus organization
• Attend the Career Day , Graduate School Fair, Government/Non-Profit Career Fair, Internship Fairs
• Register with e-Recruiting and check out part-time jobs and internships

SOPHOMORE YEAR: Assessment & Exploration
• Choose a major if you have not done so, or reevaluate your major if necessary.
• Use the Alumni Career Network & the senior survey to see which careers alumni purse
• Write your resume and have it critiqued by the Career Center
• Seek a summer internship, externship, or part-time job to explore careers
• Explore clubs related to your occupational interests
• Attend the Career Days, Internship Fairs and Graduate School Fair
• Update your information on RaptorLink
• Get to know faculty members and advisors who might serve as references for you.

JUNIOR YEAR: Testing Career Choices
• Review your career goals and graduate school plans with a career counselor
• Build practical experience through internships and clubs
• Attend workshops on interviewing and applying to graduate school
• Prepare for and take graduate school entrance exams
• Move into leadership positions in your campus organizations.
• Speak to professionals in your field of interest through the Alumni Career Network
• Have your resume critiqued at the Career Center
• Attend the Career Days, Internship Fair and Graduate School Fairs

SENIOR YEAR: Make an Impression
• Attend Career Kickoff in August before your senior year
• Review the on-campus recruiting schedule and job listings on RaptorLink
• Have your resume critiqued by a career counselor
• Set up a credentials file with the Career Center
• Attend workshops on interviewing and applying to grad school
• Attend the Career Days and Graduate School Fairs
• Continue to build practical experience through employment, student activities and internships
• Review your career goals and graduate school plans with a career counselor