Recruiting at Rutgers-Camden


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The Rutgers University-Camden Career Center is proud to provide a number of services and resources to meet the recruiting needs of employers.

On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

On-campus interviews help employers identify candidates early, access diverse applicants, and increase your organization’s visibility. Through our RaptorLink online recruiting program, employers are able to advertise their job or internship opportunities FOR FREE to a vast audience of undergraduate, graduate students and alumni. RaptorLink streamlines the process of reviewing and selecting candidates to interview and provides the option to schedule on-campus interviews.  Please contact us to schedule an On-Campus Interview date. 856.225.6046

When to Recruit On-Campus

Employers have reported that recruiting is most effective when coordinated with a Career Fair. Review Career Fair and Employer Workshop dates to identify productive on-campus recruiting activities throughout the year. On-campus interview dates are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Be sure to request interview dates as early as possible.

Candidate Participation in On-Campus Interviews

Participation in our On-Campus Interviewing program ensures that the RUC Career Center has the information necessary to facilitate the interaction between candidates and employers. CANDIDATES MUST HAVE A RaptorLink ACCOUNT TO PARTICIPATE IN ON-CAMPUS INTERVIEWS THROUGH THE CAREER CENTER. If you are meeting candidates at an information session, career fair, or other event and are participating in on-campus interviews, encourage the candidates to create their account.

Employers have many opportunities to increase their visibility and establish a presence on our campus through the following:

  • Attending our career fairs
  • Participating in our speakers series
  • Advertising in our campus paper, The Gleaner
  • Providing employer information sessions
  • Participating in career panel seminars
  • Facilitating workshops such as interviewing skills and resume review
  • Co-sponsoring campus/club events
  • Partnering with faculty for classroom interaction

For more information, please contact Terri Smith, Employer Relations Coordinator 
at the Rutgers-Camden Career Center, 856.225.6046 or