Arts & Sciences Internship Course Credit Guidelines

Employer Participation Guidelines
Arts & Sciences Internship Course
Rutgers University-Camden

This course is designed to allow students to gain valuable and practical experience that is not always available in the classroom. Students are able to earn three academic credits by working 100 hours during the fall or spring semester or by working 120 hours in the summer. Students are also required to participate in the Arts & Sciences Internship class during the semester that they are working at their internship.

As a participating organization, the following will be asked of the internship supervisor (employer) to assist the student in completing their course requirements.

Once the participating organization has agreed to hire a Rutgers-Camden College of Arts & Sciences student intern, the employer will complete the Arts & Sciences Internship Approval Form provided by the Career Center. Using this form, the organization will provide a complete description of the internship and the hours that the student will be working.

  • The student will be assigned a supervisor at the organization.
  • The employer will provide the student with an opportunity to gain practical work experience.
  • Agree to provide the student with at least 100 internship hours throughout the Fall/Spring semester or 120 work hours during the summer semester.
  • The supervisor will work with the student to develop learning objectives for the semester. A learning objective form will be provided by the Career Center.
  • When requested, the supervisor will participate in an on-site visit by the Arts & Sciences internship Instructor. The supervisor will be contacted by the Instructor to set up the on-site visit. (Please note, because of scheduling restrictions, it is not possible for the internship Instructor to visit all sites each semester. If the Instructor is not able to visit an internship site, they will contact the supervisor via phone to conduct a mid-term “check-in”.)
  • The supervisor will complete an evaluation of the student at the end of the semester. The evaluation form will be provided by the Career Center.
  • If any problems arise that may prevent the student from completing the required hours, the supervisor will contact the Arts & Sciences Internship Instructor or Career Center immediately.

All internships must meet the guidelines for instructional learning. Additional information is available by contacting:

Cheryl A. Hallman, Associate Director
Career Center – Rutgers University-Camden