The Career Center reserves the right to make a determination of the appropriateness of the positions being offered for the populations it serves.

Who Can Post Positions for Rutgers-Camden Students

The following organizations will be permitted to post jobs. However, they will not be permitted to participate in the on-campus interviewing program or career fairs on the Camden campus.

THIRD PARTY RECRUITERS - These include executive search firms and employment agencies. Third-Party recruiters will be required to:

  • Inform the Career Center of the specific employer(s) they represent and the specific jobs for which they are recruiting, and the Career Center will verify the information;
  • Reveal the company names to students/alumni selected for an interview;
  • Allow the Career Center to add to their job description the following statement: “Applicants, upon being selected for an interview, will be notified of the company name by the third-party recruiter.”

Additionally, student information must not be provided to any other employer or used for any other reason than the original recruiting purpose. Third-party recruiters charging fees to students will not be permitted to post positions or have access to any Career Center services.

​The Career Center will request contact information for the organization for which the third party is providing recruiting services if/when there is concern related to a company. The Career Center must respect the confidentiality of this information and may not publish it in any manner.

COMMISSION-ONLY EMPLOYERS - These include organizations that do not pay a base salary to their employees. Employers offering positions that provide compensation that is 100% commission based can offer these positions under the following conditions:

  • The position is for full time employment AND
  • The compensation is clearly disclosed in the position description AND
  • Charge no fees to the candidates

MULTILEVEL EMPLOYERS (ALSO KNOWN AS "PYRAMID EMPLOYERS") - These include organizations that depend on employees recruiting others to sell products and services on a commission basis.

UPFRONT PRODUCT PURCHASE EMPLOYERS - These include organizations that require employees to invest their own resources in the purchase of supplies, products or services to carry out their business.

Who Cannot Recruit Rutgers-Camden Students

The following types of employers will not be permitted to post positions or participate in any on-campus activities:

  • Teach Abroad, Study-Abroad, or Internship Programs that charge fees to students
  • Home based businesses or home canvassing positions
  • Campus/Brand Ambassadors
  • Online Tutoring Programs
  • Door-to-Door Sales
  • "Gig" apps like Lyft or TaskRabbit
  • Positions related to the use or distribution of recreational or medical marijuana (per compliance rules for federal funding)
  • Jobs such as tutors, babysitters, or aides posted by private citizens.