Sample Cover Letter

Do: Don’t:
* Send a cover letter with every resume * Address to just a title or department
* Address letter to a specific person and title * Be pushy or assuming
* Type each letter individually   * Mass produce
* Limit to 1 page containing 3 paragraphs  
* Sign your name  


What You Should Include

Your Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
(TIP: Use the same heading you use on your resume for a consistent look)

(Space Down Four Spaces)

Ms. Betty Wilson
Recruiting and Staffing
Jefferson Industries, Inc.
263 East Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19031

Dear Ms. Wilson:

The opening paragraph should state why you are writing and why you are interested in the organization. If you are writing a letter of application, you should name the position for which you are applying and tell the employer how you became aware of it. A letter of inquiry should provide evidence of your career-mindedness; it helps to refer to specific job functions, if not titles. If you were referred to the employer by some one such as a career counselor, a former employer, or a relative, this is also the best place to mention that person’s name and to point out that s/he suggested you write.

The middle paragraph draws attention to your resume and highlights specific skills relevant to the potential employer. Present your motives for seeking employment with this organization and cite achievements and qualifications related to the position desired. If you have qualifications that are not noted on your resume, this is your opportunity to discuss them.

The closing paragraph states what you will do next (such as calling to arrange an interview at the employer’s convenience) or what you would like the recipient of the letter to do next. An assertive statement explaining what you plan to do and what you hope the employer will do is harder to ignore than a vague request for consideration.


(Signature here)

Your name typed


Enclosure (List the documents that are enclosed in the envelope)


Attachements (List the documents that are attached to the email)